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Lisa is a 57-year-old IT program manager with “asymptomatic” atrial fibrillation (AF). When she was first diagnosed, she spent five days in the hospital receiving treatment to control her condition. It was a harrowing experience for her and her family, especially as she learned about the serious complications associated with AF, like stroke.
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Nick, a 32-year-old avid athlete has suffered from heart palpitations since high school. They had never been consistent or debilitating and therefore his primary care physician concluded that it was likely due to stress. However, even after trying medication to reduce anxiety, Nick noticed that his heart would still race especially after exercise.
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Lisa G
Lisa is a 52-year-old music industry executive who loves walking with her four rescue dogs, camping, and snorkeling, but has until recently been afraid to do any of her favorite activities due to her SVT (Supraventricular Tachycardia). Lisa recalls her first episode of SVT at the age of 11, while she was sitting in church, and the second nearly caused her to pass out during a blind date when she was 26.
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Moshe, a 57-year-old Israeli-born businessman and father of three from Los Angeles, is an active cyclist who lives a healthy life. One August morning in 2011, Moshe woke up with noticeably strong heart palpitations. Alarmed, he checked himself into the emergency room (ER) at UCLA. After a series of tests, he was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation (AF), the most common type of heart arrhythmia, and was given medication to regulate his heartbeat.
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The Kardia Mobile ECG has given me back control of my heart health. I like that it is portable so that wherever I am I can take an ECG. It is easy-to-use and it provides me with useful information about what is going on with my heart health. I have been able to eliminate most alcohol and caffeine from my diet and I work closely with my doctor to figure out medication regimens. Using the Kardia Mobile ECG has allowed me to monitor and understand what is going on with my heart in a whole new way!

Los Altos, Calif
Kardia Mobile ECG User Since April 2014
I suffer from Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) and it is important for me to monitor and understand what is going on with my heart. Using the Kardia Mobile ECG has helped me makes choices about my heart health, and make more informed health decisions. Thanks to the Kardia Mobile ECG I feel confident and I am given reassurance. This device has been invaluable to me as it has given me back control of my own health

Louise Fellows
Stourport on Seven, Worsterhire, United Kingdom
Kardia Mobile ECG User Since 2013
In October 2014 I used the AliveCor Heart Monitor to catch an episode of Afib my doctor could confirm. It was really clear what was going on, and subsequent use of the device has helped me confirm if I’m in Afib whenever I feel symptoms. I feel confident knowing that this is a true FDA cleared mobile device. The AliveCor Heart Monitor has also helped me to work better with my physicians. It provides me with real information that I can give to them; I now have proof and have become a more informed patient! Overall, the device is really easy to use and is truly unlike anything else that is available

San Francisco, CA
Kardia Mobile ECG User Since October 2013
I have had chronic AFib for the past five years. In February 2015 when I was in the hospital undergoing my fourth ablation, I showed the nurses and doctors my Kardia Mobile ECG, and they were all so impressed with the technology, accuracy and how easy it was to use. I wish I had this device years ago; it’s so reassuring to know immediately what’s happening with my heart. Now, I don’t go anywhere without it. I hope that more people find out about this device, it has truly changed my life. I back this product 150%!

Scott A.
Long Beach, Miss.
Kardia Mobile ECG User Since December 2014
When my congestive heart failure got worse the doctor had me get an Kardia Mobile ECG. The device and app allow me to send my ECG’s to my doctor or pay a nominal fee for an outside doctor to review the test, anywhere and anytime. I never leave home without my device and I won’t travel to remote locations without cell service so I know I can always send an ECG to my doctor. During two medical emergencies I had to go the ER, and on the way I sent over my ECGs. By the time I arrived my cardiologist had reviewed them and sent his recommendations to the ER. It’s things like this that really allow me to sleep at night. The Kardia Mobile ECG provides me comfort and control of my heart health. This product is truly a lifesaver!

Mitch U.
Santa Clarita, Calif.
Kardia Mobile ECG User Since November 2013
For years I have struggled with my AF. Using the Kardia Mobile ECG and app allows me to detect my AF episodes and easily track my medications and activities. I can simply share those results with my physician during my appointment or even from home so we can figure out what’s impacting my heart health. I have been waiting for a device like this, and I now feel a sense of relief and I am now more in control of my health.

Hank Luhring
Norfolk, Virginia
Kardia Mobile ECG User Since March 2013