For Clinicians

Kardia is a clinically-proven personal EKG solution that allows patients to capture medical-grade single-lead EKGs instantly, via tablet, smartphone or Apple Watch. Kardia makes it easier than ever for patients and doctors to work toward improved heart health, together. Keep Kardia in your office for fast in-office screening, or recommend it to your patients for convenient, instant EKG analysis anywhere.


Kardia’s single lead EKG is comparable to Lead 1 of standard EKG machines, and the most clinically validated mobile EKG solution available.

“From its early days, I’ve studied and published peer-reviewed research on the AliveCor device. I think it is one of the more important technologies in recent years that enables large scale healthcare awareness and literacy.”

Leslie Saxon, MD
Chief of Cardiovascular Medicine
Keck School of Medicine of the
University of Southern California


Looking for fast, accurate in-office EKG screening? Kardia captures rate-and-rhythm, and determines whether a confirmatory 12-lead EKG is necessary in just 30 seconds.

“One of my challenges as a cardiologist is to correlate heart rhythm with symptoms, and that can only happen when I’m able to look at what’s going on with a patient at a time when they’re symptomatic. Once you’ve done that it is then possible to modify these inciting factors to ensure that their impact is reduced.”

Kevin R. Campbell, MD
Cardiologist, North Carolina Heart and Vascular
UNC Chapel Hill School of Medicine


Patients can self-administer an EKG whenever they feel symptoms or on a schedule you recommend – giving you a more complete picture of your patients’ heart activity. EKG data can be stored for upcoming appointments, or shared with you instantly via email or the secure patient dashboard. And you decide how and when to review EKGs.

“I now have a more complete view of what’s happening with my patients between three or six month appointments, specifically their AF episodes and medications. My patients can also send me this information quickly, even during an AF episode, helping me give them immediate advice about what to do next.”

Jonathan S. Steinberg, MD
Chief of Cardiovascular Medicine
Adjunct Professor of Medicine
University of Southern California


Kardia is rated 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon and has been shown by a Cleveland Clinic study2 as a viable post-ablation monitoring alternative to a transtelephonic monitor (TTM), with 100% sensitivity, 97% specificity for detection of atrial fibrillation and atrial flutter combined, and 92% patient preference for AliveCor vs. the traditional TTM.
Patients who self-test and detect normal sinus rhythm report increased peace of mind…which may reduce the need for ER visits.

“I probably had occasional attacks of paroxysmal atrial fibrillation for many years, but it was never diagnosed despite many studies. With AliveCor it was detected and documented within a few months.”


“I have been using the AliveCor Kardia for over a year. It is extremely comforting to get results instantly and for my cardiologist to be able to review them. It gives me peace of mind to go on with my life.”