Normal Sinus Rhythms

Normal Sinus Rhythms
Normal Sinus Rhythms are between the rates of 60-100 beats per minute. The beats initiate at the Sinoatrial (SA) Node (AKA the Sinus Node) in the right atrium of the heart, proceed though both atria to the Atrioventricular (AV) Node, through the Bundle of His and ultimately to and throughout the ventricles of the heart. This advancing wave of depolarization of the myocardium is “normal” and from the “Sinus Node”, thus the term “Normal Sinus Rhythm”.

An EKG tracing will have consistent features, including p-waves that do not alter size and look, and are regularly spaced, QRS waves all of the same morphology and regular in their timing, always following the p-waves before them. The QRS complex will be followed by a T-Wave, again, at regular intervals.

Because of the automaticity of the SA Node, the cycle between the complexes should vary very little, if at all. Each heart beat traced on the EKG should be predictable.

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